June 13, 2019 Update

Weekly Update

From Dallas Boyer regarding his son, Mark Boyer:
“Mark continues to improve as he completes his 5th week of acute therapy.  He continues to regain strength and mobility in his right side — he walked 200 ft. earlier this week (using a walker), then 100+ each of the next days with the therapist walking alongside. His speech is becoming much more understandable.  He is handling solid foods now and as soon as they are satisfied, he is drinking enough to stay hydrated, they will remove the feeding tube.  The hospital (Swedish) is allowing us a family conference room on his floor for our family to all gather in tomorrow (the 13th) to celebrate our 50th anniversary with dessert.  They are assisting us now in trying to find an assisted living home for him to continue his recovery and therapy.  Please pray for his complete recovery and that we can find a place in close proximity to our home.  Thanks again for all your concern and faithfully praying.”   HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY, DALLAS AND NANCY!!
A delightful time was had by all at the Farewell Breakfast for Dawn Black on Sunday morning!!   Thanks to Doug and Sally Hoy and the many other helpers!  It was great to see Pat Babcock and Scott Kennedy who Dawn has ministered to along the way.
The Church Library will be open this Saturday, June 15 from 1:00-3:00 pm.  Stop by and pick up a good book to read.
NO Share & Prayer time this Sunday, June 16 because of Father’s Day. 
Full Board Meeting on Wednesday, June 19 at 5:30 pm at Doug Hoy’s home.
Do you enjoy playing board games?  On Thursday, June 20, the monthly Game Fellowship time will take place in the Fireside Room at 2:00 pm.  Contact Linda Caywood with questions or for more info at 425-747-9285.
On Sunday, Pastor Robin will be leading the Worship team and continuing his sermon series in Acts.  When you arrive, you will be greeted by Dawn Black & Diane Scirica.  Chuck & Bick Bishop will be at the Beverage Center after church serving Italian sodas. Jill Gardenhire and Linda Caywood will be praying for the EBF Family in the Prayer Room.  Jim Caywood, Norm Adams, Tom Houck & Mike Fallon are the June ushering team.