May 16, 2019 Update

May 16 Update
This Week’s update on Mark Boyer from Dallas on Wednesday evening, May 15:

“MARK’S FIRST WEEK IN REHAB !!  Mark is in boot camp.  We thought that once he was finally admitted to rehab he would be so busy he would have NO surplus energy and that is correct.  He is enduring 4 to 5 sessions daily — a mix of speech, occupational and physical therapies.  He is improving a little more rapidly, but speech and swallow still seem to be the slowest.  Please continue to pray for his spiritual, physical, and emotional strength.  Dallas, Nancy and Mark”

Update on Tessa Johnston: (Sara & Jeremy -former members of EBF) has Neuroblastoma cancer; as of January 16, she is in remission; got to go home in April and is home for now; May 3 – scans show no evidence of disease; May 13 – bone marrow biopsy; May 24 – begins immuno therapy

** See last week’s update for more prayer requests for those with physical problems. 

Please pray for Debbie McBee as she moves to Mississippi on May 18 to help with her mother and for a safe trip as Bonnie Kolbo accompanies her part of the way.

Work on the new Men’s Restroom began this week — you may need to do a double-take when you come to church on Sunday to make sure you are in the right place.  Be sure to thank Peter Stayner and Neal Gardenhire for the work they are doing — it will be a couple of months before the job is completed.

MAILBOXES:  With the Men’s Restroom taking over the space where they were, the thought was to move the mailbox system to another location until we figure out what we will be using for mailboxes.  Unfortunately, when the guys began to move it, it fell apart !!  If you had items in your mailbox, they are in the office — please ask for them.  If you have items you want to put in someone’s box, you will have to hand deliver them for now

The Church Library will be open this Saturday, May 18 from 1:00-3:00 pm.  Stop by and pick up a good book to read.  

On Saturday, May 18 at 2:00 pm, the EBF Book Club will have their monthly meeting at Barb McClain’s home.  The book being discussed this month is “Her Undying Faith” by Joy Ohagwu.  If you would like to become a part of the Book Club, talk to Diane Scirica.  

Beginning this Sunday, our Share & Prayer time is expanding from 2 times a month to each Sunday evening at 5:00 pm.   We meet to pray for one another, our OIKOS, our missionaries, etc.  All are welcome – kids are included in the prayer time. 

On Sunday, Pastor Robin will be leading the Worship team and continuing his sermon series in Acts.  When you arrive, you will be greeted by Larry Sheriff and a friend.  Gretchen Houck and a friend will be at the Beverage Center after church serving Italian sodas.  Carla Shdo and Jayne DeArmond will be praying for the EBF Family in the Prayer Room.  Neal Gardenhire, Mark Kieras, Frank Kempf and Ed Borbon are the May ushering team.