October 3, 2019 Update

Doug and Sally Hoy invite you to a Going-Away Fellowship time with refreshments on Sunday, October 6 from 10:15 – 10:45 am in the Fellowship Hall – they want a chance to thank you for your support over the last 30 years here at EBF. They will be moving to Arlington on October 9.  Don’t miss this chance to tell them how much they will be missed !   (“I Remember When…” sheets will be available to write them a note)


MEN’S BREAKFAST:  Saturday, October 5 at 12th Ave Café in Issaquah (near Target) at 8:00 am (pay your own bill)


October is Pastor Appreciation Month – be sure to let Pastor Robin know how much you appreciate everything he does at EBF !!


Rich and Cindy Brown, missionaries to Spain, will be with us on Sunday.  They will be giving an update on their ministry during the Discovery Group at 9:30 am and also during the Worship service at 11:00 am


LADIES BIBLE STUDY  — Each Monday evening from 6:30 – 8:00 pm OR Tuesday morning from 10:00 – 11:30 am


We get together each Sunday evening at 5:00 pm for our Share & Prayer time.  We meet to pray for one another, our OIKOS, our missionaries, etc.  All are welcome – kids are included in the prayer time.


Prayer Reminders

1) Debbie McBee’s friend, Robin:  had stem cells harvested week of Sept. 22 and then another round of chemo.  Transplant was done on Monday, September 30 – she has had constant nausea since but is feeling slightly better physically.  She is so thankful for the love, concern and prayers from everyone.  (Debbie thanks everyone for their prayers and concern for her friend Robin – it has blessed both of the tremendously.  Debbie says, “ You are so dear to me; your concern for my friend shows me more love than I can express.”)

2) Pam Johansensigns of dementia; moved to memory care facility

3) Andrew Colson’s dad, Jerry:  remains in ICU after his heart attack on September 1

4) Jayne DeArmond: pray as she makes her way to Florida (with stops along the way); health issues (seen by Dr.)

5) Mary Koll – please remember her in prayer after her brother Jim in Houston passed away on September 5

6) Linda Caywood – recovery and healing after her eye surgery on August 29


8) Carin Cudney – breathing & cardio issues; back problems; needs a job

9) Mark Boyer — living in group home in Redmond after stroke on Feb. 23; WAS AT CHURCH ON SUNDAY !!

10) Debbie McBee – problems finding a new home church 

11) Tiny Suriya – continued recovery after eyelid surgery on June 7; she thanks you for your prayers

12) Larry Sheriff — regulation of blood sugar level; he has a new doctor who thinks a better diet will help dizziness

13) Tessa Johnston — immuno therapy sessions

14) Pat Babcock — unable to attend church anymore; if you would like to be part of the visiting team from 3:00-3:30 pm on Wednesdays, let me know

15) Jo Cudney – “Cancer Free” after her radiation treatmentspray for her sense of taste to return soon

16) Chuck & Bick Bishop


On Sunday, Pastor Robin will be leading the Worship team.  Rich Brown will be updating us on their ministry in Spain and will also be preaching.  When you arrive, you will be greeted by Dick & Donna Duryee.  Gretchen Houck and Bob Baxter will be at the Beverage Center after church as we switch over to Hot Chocolates, Coffee & Tea.  Jim Caywood & Salvador Castro will be praying for the EBF Family in the Prayer Room.  Dick Duryee, Salvador Castro, Andrew Colson & Tom Houck are the October ushering team.