Prayer Request

Adam, June 25, 2020 - 11:11 am

Hi again,
I have another prayer request, this time a more negative one. Can I also ask you guys to pray that this individual residing across from me very very soon repents of his sins despite no hope/ confidence that it will come true again very very soon. I first left this request coming up 10 months ago in about 2 weeks or under and on a number of sites during these last soon to be 10 months and it’s the same thing with this individual. I wish I could sort this myself but I’m having no luck like it’s been for a while. Even if God has heard this and actually has answered this, I don’t see God doing anything especially since it’s God himself wanting this individual. I can’t force God to do anything, plus like it’s been for a while, I don’t see anything happening to this individual, not even Covid-19. Thank you again.