Prayer Request

Linda Caywood, January 7, 2021 - 11:59 am

Please pray for our niece Jen's brother John. We had good news on Tuesday, the doctor said that the tumor in his kidney is only 80% likely that it’s cancer (down from 95% likely that we had heard the week before). He was given the okay to proceed with the heart valve surgery to hopefully resolve the congestive heart failure. But, he went into ER yesterday because his breathing has gotten so much worse. He was admitted and is on the cardiovascular ICU unit which is where I spent several weeks for transplant. In fact, this amazing nurse (you may have met her because she was at my one year anniversary party 🎉) L’Oréal, is taking care of him. He has pneumonia right now which has to be cleared up before heart surgery but they are also testing for COVID. They want to intubate him because he needs 40 liters of oxygen (that’s a lot!) to keep his oxygen saturation up. They will run more tests today.
Please pray that he does not need to be intubated and that his pneumonia clears up so that the heart surgery can take place. I’m feeling even more strongly (I always feel this way but it’s very prominent right now) that I really want to put my arms around him and point him to Jesus but he’s so fragile and can’t really speak on the phone due to shortness of breath🙏. I know that the Sprit will remind him of the faith that he was raised with. He knows how to pray.
When I was hospitalized we had what I call “the blue room experience” where we immensely felt the presence of Jesus. It was a beautiful experience and caused our faith to grow even more by leaps and bounds. I’ve been praying ever since that day that John (and my whole family) would have that same life changing experience of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Now he is in the very same hospital, on the same floor and with the same doctors and nurses. Please pray with us that he would have that same faith transforming experience.